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Weed has been in existance since the existance of man but in music it is considered as a plus that some glorify and almost worship it. So lets get started about the myth about music and weed.

    It increases creativity : The most creative ones in the music industry will vow to this and even tell you that without it their career will be forgotten or gone forever this can be true for legends like Bob marley, 2pac and Fela who were special advocates.

These guys made good music and will forever be remembered in music.

But in reality what played part there can be said to be there talent and the perfection of it trust me when you take weed and you dont have it you simply dont have it even if you take a room filled with weed you wouldnt deliver but instead become dizzy and sleepy thats if you dont run mad anyway.

Trust me Jim iyke think say na by weed and his album floped you can equally ask blackface he will attest to it.

    It give you respect and street cred : Its a known fact that in music those that take weed are somehow loved more by the street but trust me jew man na jew man (if you dont know the street you dont know the street no matter what) but of course if you know the street and the street knows you and you are good with your craft and you love it then go ahead and take your tree its your business not mind.

    It makes you a wise artist : Hmm i often hear that from people and after that they will quote either tupac or Fela forgetting that these guys on there
own were inteligent men 2pac read all shakepares work and prince macheveli thats were he got his nickname machavelli and even had more time to read while in prison.

Fela went to one of the best universities in the world to study music and was top notch at it.

And you way no dey read go dey compare continue, you have to understand say mumu na mumu no matter what.

Inconclusion you should know that this plant his not for everyone and that those that love it and cannot do without it can continue as long as they dont misbehave or break the laws.

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