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Weed ganjah, igbo, ahia or whatever you nickname it its a global plant that is generally understood by the eaters or smokers per say.

Weed and music has gone a long way some artists will even vow to it as a source of inspiration although it worked some people. It left others useless and dependent on it although we dont endorse it.

here still dont judge a man by his on believes. so below is a list of songs inspired by weed below.

        Women weed wine : 9ice is a known advocate of weed that he loved the tree so much and sang this song specially dedicated to the plant so next time you hear the song know that it was inspired by weed.

      The infamous Jim Iyke album : All the songs in Jim iykes album was inspired by weed but since the music no sell he had to stop making music and vowed never to do music again.

      Kush by phyno : Yes the king of the East coast was inspired by weed when he made that song that was a special dedication to the plant and you could hear it in bonks in the East coast when boys are burning.
      Ginger by Terry G : Yes the ginger master had his own very special dedication to the plant and people loved it, all you can feel the plant inspiration in all his songs.

      Story for the gods, Science student by Olamide : Olamide the king of the west coast is no doubt a dedicated advocate of the plant trust me this guy knows how to make melodious song when he is up in the sky baby.

      Smoke some weed by Burna boy : Hmm this one is a classic anytime anywhere he made this very special song for the plant that even those that take malt thinks its romantic burna burna you too much baba.

Tell us the songs that we missed in the comment box below.

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