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Often at-times people usually come here asking how can i get into the music industry am confused how do i get started, well as an industry expert i will show you proven methods that our top artists have used and it worked for them thank me later ok.

So here are the methods below.

                                                      Wizkid & lil kesh
    Start Young or Early : Listen boy it does not matter what your age is either does it matter what your parents think when you sing if you are good you are good no matter what anybody thinks.

And you can only get better with time so if you are that kid that disturbed the whole class when you are singing and people loves it, know that there is no hiding son you can only run but not hide even when you try to this thing will always show itself then know you are talented.

Dont wait till you finish school and finish your degree if you think am lying about it as people like Fals, Phyno, Kizz daniel and a whole lot of them they all have degrees that has nothing to do with music and yet that is what they do and are very good at it non stop.

so my dear start on time when you still get the ginger to so that you can make you mistakes and move on ask wizkid and lil kesh they will tell you that am not lying son,they got signed at a very young age while still in secondary school k.

And today they are big tell you parents that Ifeanyi aka Binary M said so ok and if they refuses then you email me.

    Be born with the cash : Cash is king baby so if you have the talent and some cash to back it up why spend your time with record labels unless you feel that its important for you as a learning process and if not then whats the need so.

You can ask Davido he will confirm it bro thats what did . So get the right team and hala at us for services lets get this thing started bro.

    Put your work online : Yes when your song is up for download online a lot of people tend to get to know you this method have worked both nationally and internationally thats the way justin beiber was discovered same with mayorkun these stars are a product of online promo without then uploading there works online to the internet sure no one would have known them despite there exceptional talents trust me men mayorkun will forever be grateful for the invention of the internet and only promo we can get that done for you the same way.

You send your song online either you have a record label or not we can push your work until record labels come knocking so hala at us for such services and check the prices and pick the one you want lets get started.

Dont allow money to limit you from achieving what you want to achieve take it as an investment in yourself so as to get people to know you, when you promote yourself by your self then there is no recommendation from the people that know and understands the industry.

     Win big in Music contests : Get on with any music contest whether local, national or even in your neighborhood by doing so it increases your confidence and acceptance in the industry when you win big in project fame, the voice , star or of these well known contests it exposes you more and lets you learn more about yourself and the music industry which will give you a local fan base.

After which you can then easily get a record label to help fund your music projects and works.
This method worked for Iyanya, chidimma, Niniola and a host of others.

       Start a record label from scratch yourself and push it : This one needs a lot of cash on ground to help you realize your dreams but if money that is not a problem for you then go ahead and do your thing this formular worked for the likes of Olamide.

       Convince your rich brother to start a record label : Yes if you have some rich brother that believes in you and willing to invest in you the go ahead and get start.

This formula was used by Kcee, Dprince and the other unknown once and it works perfectly.

       Put up Album or much singles year to year : Be willing to release an album each year so as to stay relevant each year in the industry or better still do at least 5 or more hit tracks each year.

This formula worked for the like of olamide, davido, teckno and much more and is considered the ultimate Naija music formula.

       Sell your album : Yes you have to sell your album and the rights depending on the agreement between both you and the marketer.

Why hold on to an album where by you cannot market it or you and hala at us lets see how we can help you with that.

This formular worked for Timaya, Flavour and others unknown to us.

So tell us the one we missed dont forget to share with your music head friends.

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