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When fals the bad guy sings he has this unique flavour that he sings with and its kinda fun to listen to.

 So below are the things you didnt know about Fals the badguy.


    He is from a famous home : His father --- is a well known lawyer and knows his work well and is been regarded as a decent man and that is what he is a decent good man.

    He is a barrister : Fals studied law at the university of --- and was even cool headed to have graduated from the university while still working on perfecting his musical career.

    He once dated Simi : Although am not sure if they are still togetter or not but one thing is for such these guys were not just music partners doing music they were
two love birds just doing music with love from there heart.

    He is still very young : Although he looks way older than his age and can be very easily confused for being in his laste 30s but guess what he is still in his 20s maybe its the bears that got his fans even after tell them his age.

 His song this is Nigeria gave him more recognition : This song got more love than any of his previous songs even from international superstars like P-daddy.

Tell us more things we didnt know about him incase we missed anything below.

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