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Call him a rich kid , omo baba olowo, baddest or whatever you wish to just remember that this guy is one of a kind not just in the Naija music industry but rather the whole of Africa so here is the Reasons why we love him.

    He is a talented kid : I dont really care what you think but trust me this guy is exceptionally talented he was born to do this he has proved himself more than once and is not afraid to do so anytime anyway. when he came newly everyone thought that he was a one hit wonder and will fade off sooner than he came but it never happened and he keeps on moving on.

    He made us proud : For many times this guy has made us proud touring the whole Africa and some parts of Europe and bringing home awards at least thats one thing money alone can never buy you so O.B.O Tuwale baba.
    He is not parasitic : Many guys and girls born of the same class would by now by guiding their fathers money like bodyguards but instead he went out there to make his own cash for himself and the rest is history.

    He Has shown maturity : After his past relationship he has fallen and stayed in love with chioma against all odds not minding critics, thats maturity man when you can stick around i know the ladies will love this one.

    He controls his addiction : Just like his brother wizkid he really knows how to control his weed habits unlike most people. O.B.O doesn't need to tell you just by saying how far you go know but yet he controls his addiction and coordinate without jouncing.

So tell us what you love abut Davido that we missed below?

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