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Does music really need to be studied

Nowadays due to the high money or high success story of the entertainment industry many untalented people or students have taken to study music due to what most parents perceive as being a successful niche for any young person to go into mostly due to the below number or possibilities of there child getting a job a smart student that wants to become a successful as a lawyer goes ahead to study what most the times termed as unnecessary education.

After much ado it is perceived as a wasted time by the said child but wait a minute the story is not always like that it can actually be a success story like having a legend like Fela on his own decide to study music or having the great daviod study music as the only music study with a department being errected on his behalf by his father in his school Bancork University even though he was not always in school but at-least he ended up with graduating from the university.

So here are a few things listed below that helps answer the question asked above.

 - With a music school you can learn all music history:
This is one of the major reasons why most people will probably study music just for knowing sake but also to be able to know the music history and be able to defend their studied course anywhere they are are called upon perhaps during argument or just for for being referenced to by their friend for having to know all about the music industry or history so they can boldly say "Hey friends i studied music you can ask me anything" kinda like a musical professor or a music expert.

People who know music very well should as well know how to play multi-instruments and can become music teachers in schools and universities and make money out of it while teaching other people online or offline as the case may be.

 - A greater number of great musicians are not musicians :
Yes.. Almost 99% of the well known successful musicians all around the world didn't study music while at school some actually did study music but where not as successful as those with shroud talent that can actually got it from nature you can as well say that the two given examples are successful as per say in the music industry but you cannot also forget the fact that not all musicians studied music per say.

 - Its a step ahead for someone that actually studied it:
When someone has this two main factors (Talent and study) which is considered as the two of the most important factors for a successful musical career the said musician can easily surpass his predecessor that started music before him or her as the case may be.

With the said examples above one can easily say or summarize that one needs not study music others can equally say that studying music is a must for musical success but no matter the angle you look at it one thing is for sure, both of you are right but having a combination of both can be more of a perfected thing than just picking one so if you thing you have the talent but dont have the money or time in going to school to study it then that is OK but if you have time for both it is highly encouraged for a greater success and a faster movement unto the musical world.

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