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Top forgotten great Naija rappers

Rapper they say comes and goes as the case may be and the Nigerian environment has made it almost impossible for musicians in the genre to survive causing a handful of the ones that cannot diversify to simple bow-out and retired from there ones successful musical careers only a few even make it in the limelight and like Phyno will always ask have you seen an rapper win artist of the year in any Nigerian music awards?

And trust me non have been on any list unless am mistaken anyway.

The major problem with rap in Nigeria is not just the fact that you dont get awards but also the fact that for you to come out and be know you must know equally how to sing otherwise you should look for some other sector of the entertainment industry to fill in.

 Naeto c : He was a top Naija rapper and was known as the only MC with an MSC as he fondly called himself yes that was what he was for sure and was also on top of MCs list as of the early 2000s he keep it as strong as he could until he couldn't anymore but everyone had a high expectation of the rapper but all died down when the fans heard nothing from him during the years the was the only artist in the music industry that the young African musical artist ever paid to get featured in his first single when getting started in the music industry.

 Eedris Abdulkarem : Yes The self proclaimed way paver or forerunner for younger artists was once good as of late 1999s but faded away as time may have it and lost his fan base and everyone lost interest in his music cause my big man couldn't adapt to the changing wave of the industry.

 Mode 9 : The once king of rap in Nigeria that won the best rapper almost all the time was once a rap gaint but the only problem he had was the fact that he always won awards but no one actually knows his songs or went for his show and he ended up broke due to his lack of marketing skills.

 Skales : These pop singer was once a rapper at EME his previous record label so that makes him officially dead as a rapper even though he still sings once every now and then and i can vow for him cause he will never go back to rap again simply because he didnt make anything as a rapper but got fame when he started singing.

 Jesse Jazz : This once sleek rapper was so good that people always compared him with his brother M.I who currently is the only remaining rapper of pure English in Nigeria.

But Jesse couldnt hold on to rap which brought he fame and fortune so he had to do the unexpected and started to sing reagea which unfortunately killed his career and brought about the end of his musical career.

 Adaora : This lady was actually among the first successful female Mcs in Nigeria but the unfortunate happened for her that she couldn't adapt and perhaps that helped end her career way be if she was still around she would have been the Nicky Minaj of Nigeria but times do change these days no female MC in Naija has the balls to go into rap not to think of coming close to being a superstar in this genre of music and possible there might never be any female Mc to excel in the rap game.

 WeirdMc : This female rapper rocked the Nigerian rap music scene to the point of being among those musicians to every feature on a P-square song, Yes thats how successful she was as of then.

Her rap was more like a Missy Elliot kinda song and both sounded almost alike the only difference was in there weight and body type.

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