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Top Nigerian artists that couldn't diversify

Diversification is one of the keys to musical longevity that can determine how far and how long an artist can go during there time of being in the music industry a well diversified artist can always be able to wove with the current trend no matter what is trending in the industry but it all depends on the talent of the said artist per say and of-course there adaptability.

Once an artist master the act of diversification they can easily know what is currently trending and divert to it while equally sticking to there best type of music that they can do easily without breaking a sweat that why artists are always advised to learn how to diversify in order to expand there longevity.

So here are a list of artist that failed or are failing in there current music genre diversion or perhaps they  might later master it later but advised to do that as fast as possible unless they dont want to be part of the music industry while this advise goes to those that are currently trying to adapt to there current genre move the rest are advised to experiment on other music genre if they cant they are advised to go and be doing traditional music.

 Ice Prince : Currently our beloved rapper that helped bring to us a BET award is now currently trying to sing but the best advise from us to him is for him to change from Afro-pop which he is currently experimenting with back to what we used to know him for which is rap which equally brought him fame and fortune unless he wants to go back to being an upcoming in that musical genre.

  Jesse Jagz : The M.I Abaga junior brother that excited the whole nation with his slick rap acts unfortunately moved to reggae which helped end his musical career and make him an unknown artist lately the best thing for his is to go back to rap you can check out this article on (Top forgotten great Naija rappers).

  Korede Bello : One problem Korede had right from the beginning of his career was that he didn't understand the Nigerian music scene and couldn't adapt with Afro-pop which he tried to do although he was with one of the biggest music labels in Nigeria.

He had his mind wrapped round the American Micheal Jackson kind of pop which was not his thing and he ended up not being able to adapt with Naija pattern of music.

  Black Face : The member of the defunct music group Plantatnun Bois although he always to be the one that wrote almost all the hit tracks sang by the group he still was the least successful among them all and the most unfortunate thing that happened to him was the fact that he never released a hit single but still claims to be a  great song writer.

He stuck with an old form of Naija ghetto reggae kinda song that was mostly center around complains of what the government cant do and beefing people too this helped to keep him unknown only to be heard whenever he makes claims of writing hit songs in Nigeria.

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