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How emotions help artist grow in the music industry

Emotions are an expensive asset in the entertainment industry for both the singer and that the actor and actress who tend to play up emotions of previously unknown individuals as part of a movie making process same goes with the singer who tends to portray other peoples emotions and feeling just to send a message out there.

It can sound slow for the rock and roll kind of music, it can sound sweet and sexy for the R&B kind of song, it can sound like a sermon for most Reggae kind of song or sound dance-able for most African pop music or pop in general or a little bit aggressive if its a rap song whereby the artist opens up all emotions without minding the consequences or the outcome of his lyrics.

Believe it or not it is a very important asset that when well incorporated can left up a spirit or spark up a brain that will change the world like Tupac will say in his lyrics (RIP to the him anyway) but thats not to say that other factors dont play a role in the creation of a good song or life itself as the case may be.

Perhaps being gifted and other things like being a good writer equally plays a major role in good song writing but the one of the best known facts is that the best periods of rappers or singers are when they are still Hungary and have so many factors fighting against them that one of the best things to do at that moment is to be their real self and focused to bring out their best product that is unheard of by humanity.

Due to the fact that they still listen to that special voice that sings beautifully in there ears that sole voice that triggers all the necessary lyrics needed for a hit song and the right pitch needed as well that ends up being an accepted an become known as there musical trademark just like every thing else in life.

Only a few exceptional one stay consistent and committed for a long enough time working in accordance to their musical dreams and not shifting away from what which made them what they are and for that reason the forces of nature stays true to them and still talk to them just like the most gifted of singer get their songs in a dream same with writers and if researched will find out that its a non existence song never to be sang unless the artist that is meant to deliver the message does so.

Same goes with the stubborn writers that refuse to write until they find out that its not an optional subject that can be neglected or pushed away.

These are the major reasons why some very Hungary artists with the right energy gets there on time before others and gets understood by the people that are meant to listen to the message unless they are stubborn and refuse to stay true and Hungary enough for more just like everything else in life with the right mindset and hunger and get to there proposed stage.

If after reading this and you still dont understand then am sorry because that the way it came or perhaps read it back and implement.

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