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How To Reach An A-lister In The Naija Music Industry.

So many factor play a role when it comes to being an A-Lister in the music industry not just in Nigeria but also in Africa or any where around the world where music lovers reside around the world but the major thing that gets people to any point they want is knowing what and what to implement which is the major reason why some very talented artists remain unknown while the less talented ones get to be very famous than the very talented ones that are very little known by fans or just perhaps think that the hand on the wall waits for anybody.

Understanding these few known fact should keep artists up on their feet and make them ever ready to implement whatever that is needed for them to excel in the music industry as long as it is something that is legal and of-course will work if well implemented.

So Below is what needs done for one to reach the A-Lister level.

1. Talent : Am sorry it came first but at least you should be talented enough to ever think of taking up music as a career full time unless you just want to try your luck by perhaps using the best producers, best software for fine tuning your voice and of-course a good song writers that will always be doing the writing for you any time you need to make a song but if you have the other needed thing except not having the song writing ability perhaps you can go ahead and get a good song writer.

2. A Good single: They say that a first impression matters a lot let the first single you release be good song not necessarily an instant hit that way you will create an audience that is dedicated to you and Hungary to here from you thats why some singer sing only one song and gives up and still gets remembered by their fans years later and are ever expectant of a new song from there favorite singer who they believe has what it take to make them happy with there song while some with more albums
get forgotten once they stop music.

3. Constant song Release : Nothing beats that once a good publicity is done during the release of the first single it makes the publicity of the other song less exhaustive than the first single thats the major reason why artists are advised to make full use of there chances that comes by to show off there single to there fans without which will still need the services of a good music publicist like us with a good budget will surely get the artist as far as they can go as the case maybe.

4. Good supporter or sponsor: Forget what you heard about how easy it is because you are not the only person singing you should always have that at the back of your mind that noting good comes
easy and before you expect to be taken seriously you should be serious yourself unless perhaps you just want few fans that dont really care if you go for shows or how far you want thats the major reason you should have a sponsor that really follows things up and always willing to back you up no matter what and not minding the expenses.

5. A Record Deal: These guys cut off the expenses that the artist is meant to take up while still an upcoming later to be re-cupped later in the artist career as the case maybe but with a record deal an artist is expected to be at there best so as to get the major budgets of the said record label but if the artist fails to continue with the same force that got him or her discovered will perhaps have to wait till the labels budgets or investment in other artists starts reaping fruits and perhaps the Label will then consider investing in the person and if the artist decides to become a liability to the label will be forgotten and have no money budgeted to them and will have to face law suit after law suit if they ever plan of leaving or get ruined.

6. Staying Original: Just because you are now signed to a record deal or have gotten you first big break doesn't mean that you will now try to change your voice, dress code and things that make you original which is one of the major reasons artist gets to call their own lawyers while trying to sign a record deal to avoid signing a death contract and in other to have a better understanding between the two parties.

These are the major ways artists reach why they want to be as the case may be.

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