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  Terms of service
We strongly believe in the power of Naija and the African spirit that is why we created this platform to enable young people pass out the works and spark the creativity of the African youth.
The only terms we have added here is that the person or persons adding or submitting there content Here is to ensure that they are the original owners of the work or are authorized to make use of the work be it music, arts or any of the other categories in the site and to ensure that the original owners of the work get there full credit.
   Here are the terms for each category.

     For Music
All songs submitted to us must be from the artist or the record label of the group or an authorized personnel of the content to be put out in any case there is infringement of right or copyright issues it is left for the original owner of the content to contact us with proof so as to take down the content in the worst case senrio or better still bring up opinion on how to make this platform better for all.

     Song upload
All songs must be submitted to us through our contact page using this mail on music@abesija.com for confirmation and upload of content and music.
All songs uploaded must first be mixed with our trademark voice below or can be done with a shout out in the song to download and mix our voice trademark  for uniqueness click   the embedded voice helps let the world know were they can find you take it as a way to whisper to someone were to get your content and share with friends or better still you can pay us to do it for you as a plus.
All song upload must have art copy of the song to be submitted along.
A brief biography of the artist in question or a brief writing about the song in general to spark audience download and to create a connection between the artist and the audience in question.
For new artist they can include there contact details so as to enable any possible contacts that may come there way for shows, endorsement and promo as the case may be.
Artist may or may not based on their decision add there music genre for easier access of there content by there audience and fans.
For artist outside Nigeria they can equally add there song here and have it published provided that they follow the terms given.
All artists, record labels or promoters of music are advised to follow the said terms or have there content taken down with or without informing them as the case may be.

All beats uploaded must follow the same rules as that of the song upload with an option of adding the voice download mix the producer can decide to add or not add it depending on the choice of the music producer.

All videos must first be uploaded to youtube before contacting us for the next move.
All videos must follow the same rule as that of the song upload rule with an exception of adding the our voice download to mix since it is video.
All videos uploaded here must add the our logo to their content in png format so they have nothing to worry about.
   For Arts                                                                                                                                     
All art works are to follow the same terms as that of cinematography  but the logo is considered optional.

         DJ Mixes
All DJ mixes are to follow the saw rules that apply to that of song uploads.

All articles must be the original writing of the author or be properly edited before sending it to us for upload and approval.

       All other creative works
Must be the original work of the person as stated above.
Our Terms of service will be updated regularly and our users are advised to check our terms regularly for possible update and changes.

Affiliate terms

Terms of administration



The accompanying Terms and Conditions control your participation on Abesija Pay Program . You concur that you have perused and comprehend this Assention ("Understanding") and that your participation on Abesija Salary Program (the "Program") will be liable to the accompanying Terms and Conditions between you (the "Part") and Abesija Pay Program.

These Terms and Conditions might be changed whenever by Abesija Pay Program Chairmen without notice. If you don't mind survey them now and again since your continuous use is liable to the terms and conditions as adjusted. Your proceeded with cooperation in Wakanda Pay Program after such adjustment will be considered to be your acknowledgment of any such alteration. In the event that you don't consent to these Terms and Conditions, kindly don't enlist to wind up an individual from Abesija Pay Program.

Terms of Investment

Part should be 18 years old or more established to take an interest. Individuals must give Abesija Pay Program exact, total and refreshed enrollment data, including yet not constrained to a precise name, postage information and email address.

To the full degree permitted by appropriate Nigerian law, Abesija  Salary Program at its sole caution and for any or no reason may will not acknowledge applications for participation.

Individuals may not

(I) enact or utilize more than one Part account;

(ii) select or utilize an Email Address of someone else;

(iii) utilize a name subject to privileges of someone else without approval from that individual;

(iv) utilize a false or deluding name (Aside from security), street number, or email address to initiate or utilize a Part account.

By agreeing to accept the Abesija  Pay Program, part is selecting in to get other exceptional offer messages from Abesija  Salary Program. In the event that you don't wish to get these messages, you may drop your record whenever .

Abesija Salary Program maintains all authority to follow Part's movement by both IP Address just as individual program action.

Part concurs not to manhandle his or her participation benefits by acting in a way conflicting with this Understanding.

Part concurs not to endeavor to gain through different methods than the real channels approved by Abesija  Pay Program.

Part concurs not to take an interest in any deceitful conduct of any sort.

Spamming is entirely denied. Any spamming done to publicize Abesija Salary Program will result in prompt end of your record and a relinquishment of your record winning equalization. Occurrences will be managed on a case by case premise.

Discount Arrangement: As we are putting forth non-substantial virtual computerized merchandise ( Abesija Salary Pack) which is type of enlistment expense , we don't for the most part issue discounts after the buy of APP pack has been made. If you don't mind note that by obtaining the APP Pack, you consent to the no Discount Arrangement.

Enrollment exercises, posting, supported post sharing and remarking:

Overseers, Editors and Arbitrators maintain all authority to favor or oppose substance or remarks posted on the Abesija platform. As a Abesija  Incomer Program part, you will just acquire and get an income shared paid to your financial balance when you keep the accompanying principles:

Immaterial commitment (remark) e.g: single word, well, alright, lol, and so forth and a solitary line of a similar sentence on all post or remarks not identified with topics are not permitted. They will be destroyed and you won't win.

Predictable superfluous post of remarks by a client and unseemly conduct may result in suspension or end of participation and relinquishment of individuals unredeemed profit.

Numerous remark on a post deliberately to win more isn't permitted.

Supported post sharing must relate with the post date and should be shared as suggested.


We pay out each sunday of the month beginning from ABESIJA AFFILIATE CASH PROGRAM  (AAFCP) with least of at any rate N2,000 with enough exercises winning (AADS) separately aggregated to in any event N5,000 or more. Installment will dependably begin from the most elevated AAP workers to other people. When the accessible income is at long last depleted, pending acquiring will be persisted to the next month income payout.

In the event that you didn't get paid while you have earned N5,000 edge, it doesn't mean you wont get paid while the framework continue running. Your gaining will be continued to the next month. You just need to acquire more to the best worker for you to have an offer on the next month income payout.

Part's ended investment in the Abesija Salary Program or inability to advise Abesija Pay Program of any location (mailing or email) changes may result in the end of Part's enrollment and relinquishment of Part's unredeemed Profit.

Part will conform to all laws, guidelines, and guidelines that are pertinent to part. Part recognizes that Part may possibly take part in Abesija Salary Program if and to the degree that such support is allowed by such laws, principles, and guidelines.

On the off chance that part items to any of the Terms and States of this Understanding, or any resulting changes to this assention, or ends up disappointed with the Program, Part's solitary plan of action is to promptly suspend cooperation in Abesija Pay Program and legitimately end his or her participation.


Part Explicitly Concurs THAT Utilization OF THE Administration IS AT MEMBER'S SOLE Hazard. THE Administration IS Given ON AN "AS May be" AND "AS Accessible" Premise. TO THE Most extreme Degree Permitted BY Relevant NIGERIAN LAW, ABESIJA Pay Program Explicitly Repudiates ALL Guarantees OF ANY Sort, EXPRESS OR Inferred BY LAW, CUSTOM OR Something else, INCLUDING WITHOUT Constraint ANY Guarantee OF MERCHANTABILITY, Acceptable QUALITY, Qualification FOR A Specific Reason OR NON-Encroachment. ABESIJA Salary Program MAKES NO Guarantee In regards to ANY Merchandise OR Administrations Bought OR Got THROUGH THE PROGRAM OR ANY Exchanges Went into THROUGH THE PROGRAM.

TO THE Greatest Degree Permitted BY Appropriate NIGERIAN LAW, NEITHER ABESIJA Pay Program NOR ANY OF ITS Individuals, Auxiliaries, Distributers, Specialist co-ops, LICENSORS, OFFICERS, Executives OR Workers Will BE At risk FOR ANY Immediate, Roundabout, Accidental, Exceptional OR Noteworthy Harms Emerging OUT OF OR Identifying with THIS Understanding, Coming about because of THE Utilization OR THE Powerlessness TO Utilize THE Administration OR FOR THE Expense OF Acquirement OF SUBSTITUTE Products AND Enterprises OR Coming about because of ANY Merchandise OR Administrations Bought OR Got OR MESSAGES Got OR Exchanges Went into THROUGH THE PROGRAM OR Coming about because of Unapproved ACCESS TO OR Change OF USER'S TRANSMISSIONS OR Information, INCLUDING Yet NOT Constrained TO, Harms FOR LOSS OF Benefits, USE, Information OR OTHER Impalpable, Regardless of whether SUCH Gathering HAS BEEN Educated Concerning THE Likelihood OF SUCH Harms.

To avert unapproved get to, keep up information precision, and guarantee the right utilization of data, Abesija Pay Program utilizes suitable industry standard methodology to shield the classification of Part's own data, for example, SSL, firewall, encryption, token validation, application intermediaries, checking innovation, and versatile examination of the Site's traffic to follow maltreatment of the Abesija platform and its information. Notwithstanding, no information transmitted over the Web can be 100% secure. Therefore, while Abesija Pay Program endeavors to ensure its Individuals individual data, Abesija Pay Program can't ensure the security of any data that Individuals transmit to or from the taking an interest publicists/vendors and Part does as such at his/her very own hazard.

This Understanding comprises the whole Assention among Part and Abesija Salary Program regarding general enrollment in the Abesija Pay Program and supplants every single earlier understanding between the gatherings with respect to the topic contained in this. On the off chance that any arrangement of this Assention is discovered invalid or unenforceable, that arrangement will be implemented to the greatest degree admissible, and alternate arrangements of this Understanding will stay in power. Disappointment of either gathering to practice or implement any of its rights under this Assention, inside two(2) months the reason emerged, will go about as a waiver of such rights. In case of any question or requirement for translation or implementation of terms, emerging out of this understanding, parties will allude to assertion before case.

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